Santiago East, Chile Mission

Santiago East, Chile Mission
January 16,2013

Letter #3 MTC

Hola Everyone!

Happy Valentines Day!!
Mums thank you so much for the packages as always it was just the best, it was funny cause we were just getting done with a meeting and my whole zone was like you got a build a bear open it... hahaha It was a nice surprise inside!! haha As for the next package maybe just some cuties oranges and healthy stuff  (not protein bars or shakes) I eat way to much candy here tell grandma Diane thank so much for the packages there are exelent, I wrote her and gramps a letter but their in BD so they probably haven't gotten it yet. so just let em know hope grateful I am for the package. Oh my goodness so crazy only 10 more days till I'm off to CHILE!! I am so freaking stoked! Mum you know me all to well the MTC as been fantastico and I love it but I'm over it... I'm ready to get out to Chile and start doing the lords work. Throw me into the pit of lions. As for Espanol its coming slowly but surely, I'm getting there I have my good days and my bad days, I'm finally being able to understand what people are saying which is important because all of our classes y lesson are in espanol!

Sounds like everyone is doing good tho Chan still working on his car, Kyn living it up, and making it into the Thailand program and going to Africa so exciting I'm jealous as always! Is Kelsea going with her to Thailand??? That's gonna be so much fun, I've meet some people here speaking Thai its nuts. As for dad and you know I'm always always praying for you, I know something good is going to work out in time and like always we must be patient! Things will work out for the best!!

So EMILY IS PREGNANT AHHHHHH I cannot believe that oh so exciting and way weird I can't believe she'll have a kid when I get home. You must send me lots and lots of pictures! And tell her congratulations for me. Ah Brent's gonna be a dad! Cute! AHHH

Well This week went by so fast I cannot believe ill be leaving soon, so freakin stoked! Lots of studying and white walls and gross food oh "it is the best" (nacho voice)! So an experience I had this week was last Sunday we watched this talk by Jeffery R. Holland called Forever Missionary.. It was so freakin good and if you know how he talks its like blunt harsh and to the point, after the talk I was totally balling and like "ok I'll do this" but at the same time I was feel so inadequate...I went back through my note again that night and a few things stuck out to me: I must commit my all to this work if not.. go home your wasting peoples time, Have no regrets (dad) and don't waste the lords time. My mission is real life, not just some temporary thing. There was this french quote and I just love it, it goes: "Come to the edge, no we will fall. come to the edge, no we we will fall. Come to the edge, we came to the edge... and he pushed us... and we flew" God has entrusted us/me with his most precious gift his children and we alI must do all I can to bring his children unto him!! He will be with us always and always help us. People ask why this gospel is so hard, Well Salvation is not a cheap experience, why would it be easy for us when it was never easy for him. We must be strong because he was. It can't be easy. Go out and Astonish someone today!! and last never again in your life will you ever been so close to being like a member of the quorum of the 12!!
I was just an incredible talk and I was like "Ok heavenly father I'll do this" I feel so blessed and grateful to be at this point in my life, its hard work but I would never trade it for anything.
I love you all so much Familia, I miss you all more then you will ever know. I love getting dear elders just tell me how your day was or whats going on! Gives me a chance to be in the real world for a split second. Mum thanks for all you do for me and spoiling me with packages. I hope you all have a Bueno week and a Feliz Valentines Dia!! Cant wait to continue to hear more and more!!
Con muchas amor! Amor sus nina! Seimpre Trabaja duro cada dia! Me ama me padre celestrial y jesucristo y el evangelio con todas coriazon!

Your little missionary,
Hermana Megs Godfrey

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