Santiago East, Chile Mission

Santiago East, Chile Mission
January 16,2013

Week #66 Two weeks to go!!

so how do i start out this week??? lots of crazy things happened the week. but i think the main thing i would like to focus on was the baptism we had with fransica!! i don't know if you guys remember her, the little girl who was baptized in freezing water.. well she said she still wanted to be baptized, and for this sunday we had the date ready to go.. i think it was one of the most stressful days of my life!! so first off, we fill up the font and again the water is freezing cold,  so i told hermana orozco we were going to go to the kitchen and heat up water to pour in the font. well, we get to the kitchen and there were no matches to light the stove, so we found a calefont, a little heater that works with flames of gas, and lit a piece of paper and ran into the kitchen (mind you that one of the secretaries was helping us) we got the heater working and i accidentally blew out the one we had lit. we tried again but it didn't work. then the secretary told us it was a waste and probably wasn't going to make a difference (he was probably right) so i said a prayer in my head that fran wouldn't feel the water. so time came for her to get baptized, and the whole ward was sooo excited. she was super scared even to start with, because she didn't have the best first impression... we said a sweet little prayer together before the baptism to help calm her down... but it literally took her 30 minutes to be baptized and was the most suspenseful thing I've ever seen. it was like watching mundial!! hahaha. but she was super scared but she wanted to do it so bad and she knew it was important. the amazing thing was you could really see her testimony shine in that moment because she was so scared of the water, one of her biggest fears, but she wanted so badly to get baptized. the hermano that baptized her was so patient and amazingly perfect i think it was revelation that we picked him to baptized her... en serio... and the best part was that right before she was about to go under water she said... no i cant do it.. and the hermano who was baptizing her said... fran i know heavenly father and jesucristo are here with us right now... she took a deap breath and went under.... that's all she needed to know was that her HF was there with her. incredibly, i am shocked! my!! the faith of fransica she really was more of a example for me and the faith and the bravery that she had. it wasn't just a baptism for her but also coming over her fears. when she came out of the font she had the biggest smile on her face and looked so happy and ran over and hugged me. i was a really sweet experience for me. she is amazing. i and it was cool to see her take this step  and set the example for her family!! well, i don't have much time to write more, but lots of good things are happening. this week was incredible. I'm seeing miracles seriously everyday!! i love the mission.!! well, see you all in 2 weeeks ahhh!! les amo.
con amor,
hermana godfrey

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