Santiago East, Chile Mission

Santiago East, Chile Mission
January 16,2013

Week #15 Just talked to you yesterday!!

Hola Hola!!

Well, it was so so fun to talk to you all, well most of you yesterday, a moment I will definitely never forget!! It was crazy because I was talking to you guys and I was like I was home and everyone is doing well and most was the same, and then I hung up the phone and walked out the door and I was a missionary again and it was back to work… welcome to the mission!! haha!! But yeah, it was so fun to see that everyone is doing well and the news about Kyn was just the best thing about talking to you guys.  To be honest, I can't stop thinking about it, I am so, so stoked for her!! ¿where you do think she'll go? I was thinking about it and how freakin' cool would it be if she got called to Santiago Chile Este!!! awww but I hope she goes Spanish speaking!  But, so, so fun you see all your faces and hear all your voices I know it was kinda madness but I'm so glad everything worked out. A moment I will never forget!!

As for Benita, yes, she is the one who believes in everything, but she told us that she's been to a lot of churches and she just hasn't found that one that is right, but she loves coming to church with us and sets her clothes out for her and her daughter for every Sunday!! So she really is excited and she loves everything we teach her. I dunno what it is that missing, but I know we will figure it out soon, It's just I'm so scared every time she opens her mouth because she just says weird, weird things!  Maybe that's it, I dunno, we'll see with her.  But it's so fun to actually have 2 investigators progressing!! We're working with her slowly and always praying for her and we can feel your prayers as well!!  So thank you so much for your help! It is such a blessing to see and know how much support I have back home. I feel so grateful for each and everyone of you. It was so sad because after we finished our day yesterday, we got home and hna Valeriano just broke down.  Her family are converts and her dad isn't a member. Her dad hates the idea that she is on a mission and her mum is just counting down the days till she gets home. Then they never once asked her about our investigators or the work or anything.   She told me she doesn't want to go home because her dad has her whole life planned for her and she doesn't want to do what her dad wants her to do!! So last night we talked a lot and I did all I could to help her, but it's hard because I don't really understand her situation.  In the end, all was good but it was a moment really special for me and I just told her how grateful I am for her! She´s not one of those missionaries that has had a lot of success but she is such a hard worker and I know that she will see the fruits of her works in her family or in her life after or something, but I know God has a plan specifically for her!  It really made me think about you guys and how so very grateful I am for all your support and love and everything so thank you so much!  I could not do it without you!! (Meghan giggle)

Ya so much to talk about and so little time, next time we Skype we will have it down better! Today was good, we went into the city and bought mote!!! haha ask Ethen what it is - He´ll know, it's Argentinian. The family's house we Skyped at was so, so grateful to have shared that experience with us!! So that was really cool!! One of the girls just got her call to Mexico and she´s only been a member for a year and her dad is crazy in the head, her mom left her and her sister, just left them about 4 weeks ago, so it's just her and her 15 year old sister, so that was a neat experience as well.  Oh! I totally forgot to tell you about my experience with the gift of tongues!!  It was so weird, when I did splits last week, it was me and another gringa who came in at the same time as me, and it was crazy because I understood everyone and could talk pretty well, and it was an amazing experience!  And then when I got back to Los Platanos, I was yet again struggling with trying to understand everyone. Weird huh!! But it really was so cool too because I have been praying so hard for the help of my Heavenly Father to understand people here! It was a neat experience!  oh, and I stopped biting my nails!!!! Sorry, I'm all over the place right now, but I dont bite them anymore, crazy huh!

So ya the pictures look so fun, I am so glad your all doing so well!!! I love you guys so much and hopefully next week I will have more to say hahah!!!

Thank you for all your prays and love, I can feel it everyday!!

Con mucho amor,
Your lil missionary, Megs

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