Santiago East, Chile Mission

Santiago East, Chile Mission
January 16,2013

Week #14

Well, well, well, Hola everyone!

Mum you will be so happy I finally got your package! Thank you so so much! It was absolutely perfect in every way!! And it really meant a lot, sounds like everything is really going well up there in the US of A. I can't believe the boys are in Bali right now, I don't think our family understands how well we have it.. it sometime frustrates me being out here and seeing what little people have here and how crazily spoiled we all are, so i guess right now I am just grateful for the things I have in my life and i know that if anything was to happen, a disaster or what ever, the one important thing would be to my family. Crazy Kelsey is moved out and getting married in 2 weeks right¿ and Kyns hair!! I feel like so much as changed since i have been home. haha. but I´m here in Chile right now serving the Lord and it's hard but I know that there is no where else I would rather be right now.

As for my week this week, Tuesday we blessed the house of Gerardo, they were not feeling too comfortable in their house, and that was a really cool experience. The bishop of the ward came with us and blessed the house. He really is such a great missionary. We ended up meeting the rest of the family of Gerardo and his nephew, and he had a lot of question about missionaries and stuff so that was good. The family is always so sweet and crazy and willing to let us in and talk, but we have yet to really talk about the gospel. We´re trying to take it a bit slow with them. Gerardo's date for bautizmo fell because he didn't come to church.. but its a process right? It was really cool because we also had a lesson with Benita and it went really well.  After our lesson, we invited her to check out the capilla (church) and we took her and her daughter on a tour through the church. When we showed them the bautizmo faunt there was a beautiful spirit there. So that was really neat.  We invited her to church and she actually came! Can you believe that!!! It's so stressful having an investigator in church, but i think her and her daughter really liked it. We're going to teach them of wend. so well see how she liked it and all. ¿que mas? Oh! crazy story for the week, me and hna vale were walking down the street yesterday and I look in front of me and see 4 jovens (young boys) huddled together. One raised their hand in the air and I felt my whole body jump.  He had a gun and shot it in the air, and him and all his friends were laughing, and then he took the gun looked as us and I felt my heart jump.  Me and hna vale quickly turned down the next street, they then walked past and I looked back to see the boys laughing as he stuck the gun down the front of his pants... it was an adrenalin rush for sure, but it really made me think how quickly people's lives could be taken about.  Then we went to talk to Rifeal and he told us chickas you guys better get home quick, the streets are really dangerous right now because Colo Colo and Lau played, two huge soccer teams here, and huge rivals - when they play, people don't leave their home because lots of people die after these teams play each other... crazy. But, ya after that we met this old old man walking down the street. We decided to help him walk home to his house and as I was talking to him, I couldn't help but think what a character he was. He seriously reminded me of a cartoon from Alice in Wonderland or something! And then i started thinking about all the crazy, weird, fun people i have met here and then I started thinking, wow!! I'm sure this is how creators or directors get their ideas for movies! All you need to do is go live somewhere different for a while and you will meet some of the most interesting people. It is so fun tho, I could write a script about the people I have met here in Chile haha! well ya, that's all for this week!! Sorry, it wasn't much, kinda a dull week for us, hopefully something more exciting next week! Love you all so much and you all are always in my prayers!

Con mucho amor,
Your lil missionary


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