Santiago East, Chile Mission

Santiago East, Chile Mission
January 16,2013

Letter #1

    I don't even know where to start... Gosh so its way lame we only have a half hour to write so I'll probably end up sending a written letter to! Tell everyone to use dear elder, its fantastic! I'm so jealous you guys got to go too Chile awww sounds so fun it makes me just that much more excited to get outta here and go explore south America!! I love hearing all the stories so keep em coming, letter are so precious here if feel bad for all the people I didn't write cause now I understand!! haha I'm so stoked that you guys go to see were I'll be serving that's so special to me and yes you should let dad race the Dakar I really think him being invited to that while im out here happened for a reason!!! Tell me everything you guys are doing tho don't hold back it keep mesane in here! haha K so hum were do I start me companion Hermana Braun (brown) is great shes very straight laced like you said, but I've got two other girls in my district Hermana Pendelton and Smith that are just fantastic and don't get me wrong my companion is wonderful, were complete opposites in every way. But thats a good thing right? She helps me work and be on time, and not break any rules...): but I loosen her up a bit too!! hehe
     OH my! seeing Dallin was just the best, he really kept me sane the first couple of days! Someone normal haha but he's gone now and I am so so stoked for him! I've gotta admit tho its so tough I've been pick up and dropped and humbled so much while being here (dad I'm sure your glad to hear that), oh gosh always going so much to do never ever a moment to spear like really I have no time for anything but it good keeps your mind going, Sunday's are probably my most favorite tho, most intense emotional roller coaster of my life. Things are finally starting to even out now tho. week one done. haha! Spanish is well moy dificult, I suck at it so bad, at first I would stress my self out so much about it, and I still kinda do but the only thing that I know will help is relying on the lord to help me do his work! Right! Drawing upon the powers of heaven!! That's so funny dad was moping around the house! I miss you too daddy! I look at that mission picture of yours everyday and keep a picture of our family on me at all times. One thing this place has taught me and much more, is how much I love and appreciate you guys!! I couldn't have asked for a better support system oh and of course family!! I miss you guys grande mucho!!So much!! So P days are on Thursday for me, we went to the temple and oh it was the best its crazy how they have so many things here to just uplift you when your down, devotionals, firesides, lesson I study so much!  Its crazy we had a talk Tuesday about being obedient (haha (I'm being good i promise)) and miracles made me think of tanner it was something i needed to hear it always is. But he said that in the next month the MTC will go from having 2800 missionaries to 8000 missionaries FREAKING CRAP I'm am so grateful I'm only here for 6 weeks! We are the first to start this new plan so we'll see how it goes. They were also saying that, missionaries out in the field if the apply themselves will be a senior companion after 2 months!! The Lords definitely as some work to be done and many who want to help it succeed! ( I cant spell) you should read D&C 84: 85,87 and Ether 12: 12-16 oh and 2Nephi 15:26-30 Both really helped me at times.  oh my the spirit is incredible here today I realized I've been wanted to get out so bad and just go to Chile, but there will never be a time like this again in my life so might as well take advantage of all the spiritual highs i can get. So i run 2 miles every day, Hermana Pendleton always pushes me! The food is disgusting!! and ya sorry I'm jumping all over the place you know that's just how my brain works. But tell me more about Chile! and everything you guys have been doing? Kyn's a poop head and hasn't even wrote me, Chan I'm so proud you actually did it! sounds like you had a blast in St. George, word of advice for you start reading preach my gospel now!! write please everyday letters really are the best and I wouldnt mind a package maybe haha if you have time. Anyways thanks so much for everything you guys have done for me I love you with all my heart!! I'll probably write a hand written letter just to say more but ya! Hardest thing I've ever done prepare yourself Chan and or Kyn its a trip!! Hailey Ahlman is in my zone to btw she is so wonderful and really has helped me a ton!  I love her!! Any way SO MUCH LOVE COMING FROM THE ME TO YOU EVERYDAY! Dad, kyn, chan and mum I want a written (not dear elder) letter from you this week hahaha!!! Love you guys!

Love,   Hermana (your baby girl) Godfrey

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