Santiago East, Chile Mission

Santiago East, Chile Mission
January 16,2013

Week #37 It was a DEAD week!!

so, sounds like you guys had a really good week, and kyn!! oh kyn, i am so proud of you for going through the temple that is so neat and i just don't have words, but so cool to hear she is all ready to go... wow i cant believe it!!! my lil sis is growing up so fast hehe.

so for my week, well we get a phone call at 7 in the morning from the bishop telling us that our menos activo died!!!... so we got dressed really fast and ran over to her house and there she was ... well, her body... it was the weirdest thing i think i have ever seen, to see a dead body!!! and when we walked in, it smelled so awful, i just wanted to cry... i felt so bad for her daughter because she is the only one left in her family now, her dad died, her brother and now her mom, but it was her time to go. she was very old and super sick. but it was a crazy experience... elizebet, the daughter, asked us if we would just keep her mom company while she started calling people and doing paper and stuff, so we were sitting there, and i was just staring at her mom, and i just starting feeling happy! i know!! weird, right? but i started to think, she is with her husband and with her son. she is in the spirit world waiting for the resurrection and she is happy!! and then I had a thought come to my head... we need to sing!!.. i pulled out my hymno book and started to sing, and my comp followed. our voices were not beautiful in anyway, but the spirit was so strong, and i could feel juana lara there with us and i know she was happy!! ( it was her favorite thing to do when we would come to visit, she always wanted us to sing) all the people in the other room where elizebet was all went silent and stared, and the spirit started to grow stronger. we were there for about 4 hours singing and just trying to help,(we also helped put her white clothes on, that was a trip) ! it was really sad to see, and i can't even imagine going through something like that, but my testimony grew so much in the plan of salvation - that we are all going to see each other again some day, and life is very short and we need to live to our full potential, doing all that we can do, right! my comp. told me something and i really liked it: "there is more time than life" life is short we need to live it up BUT doing the correct things. i'm grateful for the knowledge i have and what we are trying to teach to the people here every day.

but ya!! this week went by so fast! i completed 9 months in the mission! wow, i cant believe how fast time is going. i feel like i have so much to do and not enough time. wow, wow! but ya, that was about the most exciting thing that happened this week to me! life is good tho i am loving the mission, and loving being a missionary. i feel like i'm growing so much with my new comp and we have just been putting tons of goals on ourselves to work harder. it was actually kinda funny the other day, i was so so tired and at lunch my body was convulsing because i was so tired. it was weird, but i kept working because i can't not work! i feel really bad when i don't!! OH MY GOSH i'm a missionary. hehe! oh and the russian girl, lana she is great!! she told me that we wants to be a member but she just needs time, and i was thinking how cool would that be if kyn met her and taught her too!! she goes home in december... would be so crazy. well family and friends and everyone, i love you all so very much and miss you all tons. i hope you all have a great week and know i am sending lots of prayers and love for all of you from chile.

con mucho amor,
hermana godfrey
your lil missionary.

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